1. lee clayton

    thank you very much for your time and effort with this blog it was really informative as i will be a first timer to goa next march

  2. Baldev Gill

    I am planing with my son and grandson to visit either Goa or Kerala next February for my grandsons 21st birthday . We are flying from Manchester Uk to Amritsar and staying in Ludhiana/Chandigarh . These pictures and sandy beaches plus food looks great , good pictures and nicely explained. We need to know more about the beauty of Kerala ?

  3. Amit

    Most wonderful Goa blog that I have seen. Really great work!

    One question

    Which one is should one prefer …Deltin Royale OR Casino Pride?

    • bhavneet bhavneet

      Although Deltin Royale is aesthetically superior to Casino pride, I’d still recommend Casino pride as I won some money over there 😉

    • bhavneet bhavneet

      Agreed. I have credited the source of this photograph to your website and have created a hyperlink for it as well. Although most of the photographs on this blog are personal, there are few images that I’ve downloaded from the net.

      Your blogs were really helpful while I was planning my trip to Goa. Looking forward to more trip reports from you.

  4. Magnus


    We’re staying in Vagator beach for the weekend of 15/16 December. Do you know if there are likely to be any beach parties happening / if not any open air nightclubs?


  5. Sharma

    Very good article about goa.
    Really helpfull.

    I am visiting goa next with my family and kids. I am planning to stay 4 nights in north and 2 nights in south goa…. what all we have to look for in south goa. Or can we only vissit north goa?

    • bhavneet bhavneet

      Since you are only travelling for four nights to Goa, I suggest you stay all four nights in North Goa and reserve a day trip to visit Panjim and Old Goa. There are plenty of activies in North Goa to keep you busy for the entre duration of your stay.

      • Sharma

        Thanks Bhavneet for the suggestion.

        I am travelling for
        4 nights in north goa and
        2 nights in south goa.

        What to look for in south goa?

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