1. Seri


    I’m from the West Indies and first time to Amritsar. Your blog is perfect for my planning. I’ve just reached out to “City on Pedals”.
    I’m planning to see Golden Temple both early morning and night, what timings do u recommend?

    • bhavneet bhavneet

      Hi Seri,

      I am glad you found my blog post helpful n planning your trip to Amritsar.

      In the evening hours you can visit the Golden Temple complex at 05:30 pm. Spend around two-three hours over there and watch the changing colors of the sky during sunset. You will be able to click some wonderful photographs during that period.


      In the wee hours of the morning i.e. around 4:00 am you will see lot of devotees cleaning the entire Golden Temple complex. You can go around that time to see the activities of the busy devotees.

  2. Poornima Mahesh

    Thanks a lot for your posting on Amritsar Tour. I was really searching for the same, since we (group of 12 members) are visiting Amritsar in June, 2018 for 2days/3 nights. Since we are all new to Amritsar and al are first time visitors, planning to draw our itinerary using your experience/blog.

    Thanks Once again,

  3. Mausumee

    Thanks so much for your guidance. I am planning to visit Amritsar in October 2018.Your write-up shall sure help me a lot in planning my moves. However, as I will be there on a Sunday, may I know whether marketing will be possible on that day.Apart from visiting places I would also love to buy some stuff, especially clothes/textiles.

  4. shankar

    Great Blog with good photos and very useful for a amritsar visit . keep it up sir . Any feedback on staying in the guest houses run by the Golden Temple office ?

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